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Primary Care

Bridge City Family Medical Clinic works with primary care providers (or PCPs) and Nurse Practitioners to deliver comprehensive health care in the clinic setting. This means they take care of a wide variety of problems–acute medical illnesses such as common colds, sinus infections, stomach problems, and skin rashes.

Naturopathic Care

Our Naturopathic Physicians take the time to listen to our patients and their healthcare needs. Our goal is to provide you and your whole family the most effective treatment options while explaining the benefits of the treatments you choose so you can be free to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Every year, thousands of people are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Whether the collision involves major property damage and injury or is a seemingly minor fender-bender, it will most likely entail making a claim for damages with an insurance company — your own, or the other driver’s.

Psychologist Session
Mental Health Care Services

Our team of mental health professionals is here to help you overcome from the trauma you've experienced so you can live more fully and freely into who you are.

Gay Pride Celebrations

Bridge City Family Medical Clinic specializes in the care of the LGBT and other gender or sexual non-conforming individuals of all ages. We believe in a holistic approach to care and work with each patient on a treatment plan specific to their individual needs. 

Therapy Session
Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bridge City Medical proudly offers hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellet therapy, nutraceuticals, and a high-quality standard of care to patients in the greater Portland and Vancouver area.

Home Nurse Examining Patient
House Calls

Bridge City Family Medical Clinic offers house calls to those who are unable to come to the office for a visit. This service is limited to the city limits of Portland. Please call for a quote as this is based on time and location and complexity of the care. It is not for emergency situations.

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