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Auto Accident Injuries

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Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries Services offered in Portland, OR

Auto accident injuries require expert medical care to ensure you recover fully. At Bridge City Family Medical Clinic, the highly skilled medical team provides personalized treatment plans for adults and kids who experience whiplash, cuts, and other types of auto accident injuries. The providers focus on relieving your existing symptoms and offer follow-up visits to monitor your recovery. They also document your care along the way to support your legal claims for the accident. Call the Portland, Oregon, office to schedule an evaluation for auto accident injuries or book an appointment online today. 

Auto Accident Injuries Q&A

What are common auto accident injuries?

Auto accidents can cause a variety of injuries that range from mild to life-threatening. These injuries can include:

  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue tears
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ injuries

Bridge City Family Medical Clinic offers comprehensive care for auto accident injuries in adults and children. The medical team uses evidence-based treatments to support your recovery and prevent additional complications.

The providers also have extensive experience documenting the medical treatment you receive to support any legal claims you have for the accident.

When should I seek medical care for auto accident injuries?

Even minor fender benders can have a significant impact on your physical health. Often, an auto accident can put your body into a state of shock, and symptoms may not show up until later.

Go to the nearest hospital or call 911 if you have head injuries, severe bleeding, or other serious issues after an accident.

You can schedule a medical evaluation at Bridge City Family Medical Clinic soon after any auto accident, even if you’re not having pain. The medical team can assess your overall health and ensure you don’t have internal injuries.

If you do have pain or other symptoms, the providers may order blood tests, X-rays, or other diagnostic tests to identify its cause.

How are auto accident injuries treated?

The Bridge City Family Medical Clinic providers customize a care plan to ease your pain and support your recovery from an auto accident.

Services are available in-office to clean and dress cuts and other open wounds. You may need antibiotics to prevent infection.

You may need medications to treat pain and inflammation if you have musculoskeletal injuries. The providers might also refer you for physical therapy to help your soft tissues heal.  For fractures and other orthopedic injuries, the team can refer you to a specialist for additional treatment.

The providers continue documenting your medical care and monitoring your recovery during follow-up visits. They can also adjust your treatment plan as needed and help you get back to your usual routine as quickly and safely as possible.

Call Bridge City Family Medical Clinic to schedule an evaluation for auto accident injuries or book an appointment online today.