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Every year, thousands of people are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Whether the collision involves major property damage and injury, or is a seemingly minor fender-bender, it will most likely entail making a claim for damages with an insurance company — your own, or the other driver’s.

While not all accidents are alike, there are common steps that anyone involved in a collision should take to ensure that they are appropriately compensated for their losses. Bridge City Medical Family Clinic can assist you in obtaining timely medical treatment for any of your injuries. Inform the treating physician that you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Follow through on all prescribed treatment.

If your symptoms do not resolve, do not hesitate to obtain a second opinion. It may also be helpful to your case to keep a journal that details any pain or symptoms, any treatment, and any medication taken.

The success of any claim you may have for monetary damages resulting from bodily injury will depend heavily on having a thorough medical record that documents your injuries, their relation to the accident, and their impact on your life.

If you are in need of motor vehicle accident claims, contact Bridge City Family Medical Clinic or email the clinic to schedule an appointment.

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