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Ecru Health services is affordable healthcare for everyone because it does not involve insurance but instead, offers one, low monthly fee for all provider services. There is no co-pay or hidden charges and Bridge City Family Medical Clinic has negotiated low cost laboratory testing so that the physicians can focus on your health.

I have health insurance – How can I benefit from Ecru Health?

Our total number of patients is limited. Each primary care provider accepts no more than 800 patients (instead of the average 3000 in traditional offices). We can do this because of the payment structure, and it allows us to spend more time with each patient, making sure your needs are met.

Many people with traditional health insurance find that they are frustrated with the status quo of our healthcare system. Many find they actually pay less money for more health care with Ecru Health. The low monthly fee and low cost of laboratory testing means you spend less out of pocket than you would if you had to meet the yearly deductible imposed by your health insurance plan.

Patients have easy access to the care they need:

  • We communicate using phone, secure email messaging, and text messaging.

  • We only use voicemail when necessary, and when we do, we will call back as soon as possible.

  • We try to avoid unnecessary visits, handling whatever problems we can over the phone or using electronic communication.

  • The limited number of patients, along with the reduction of office visits means that the schedule is much more open for same-day visits. This means that you won’t have to waste time waiting to be seen by a hurried provider.

  • Telemedicine – Ecru Health gives you the option of a Skype or face time visit with our provider.


Patients have access to their medical records.

Your medical records contain important information about you. It is important that you have access to these records when communicating with other providers or in an emergency situation. Instead of making you recall your information or carry it with you all the time we give immediate access to you.

You always have access to your medical records by way of our secure portal. If you would like a digital copy or paper copy of your records we provide that to you at no charge.

You are not left to navigate the system on your own


The health care system is confusing, even for the most well informed person. Most providers don’t have time to talk to family members or patients and thus communication suffers. We take the time to listen to our patients and address the concerns of family members.

Call Bridge City Family Medical Clinic or email the clinic to find out how to apply to Ecru Health.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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