House Calls:

We offer two levels of service to  patients in the comfort of their own home–where-ever they may be. 
Level I. 
      Level I service is for patients who would ordinarily be able to leave their home to see a provider in their office, but prefer not to hassle with the “system” when they or their loved ones are not feeling well. 
Our patients can expect to receive excellent care in an unhurried atmosphere. Receive your evaluations with attention to detail, courteous and respectful attitudes. Develop a trustworthy relationship with your provider. These are all important aspects of the patient relationship that we value, and it is our philosophy to deliver these qualities to our patients when providing medical services to our patients. 
      In bringing house call services we are essentially turning back the hands of time. We remember how care used to be practiced, before busy offices, complicated insurance policies, long lines at clinics, rushed office visits, and crowded emergency rooms. We’ve noticed that somewhere along these channels of frustration, providers began to lose sight of what mattered most… their patients. We remember when the primary care provider and the patient were able to develop trustworthy relationships and had all the time necessary to discuss, examine, diagnose, and treat their condition. The idea behind developing this type of practice model was to minimize the understandable frustrations we have grown accustomed to in busy modern day medical practices. 

We are equipped with the clinical skills and medical supplies needed to care for you in the comfort of your own home or office. We are able to treat any acute or chronic medical issues that you would normally see your primary care provider for. 

If you need to be seen by a doctor and cannot leave your home, please call  today! We strive to be at your home the same day you call, if you need help, do not wait, call and get seen today. Your health is your most valuable asset, be proactive and take care of yourself even if you are not able to go out of your home. Your good health is our success, seeing you today, in your home, office or hotel is our job.

Level I: Pre-appointment information

(call office) 

Level IILevel II is primarily for adults living in assisted care facilities, retirement facilities, adult foster care homes, or residential care facilities. In order to qualify for full insurance coverage the patient must experience great difficulty leaving their home to seek care in a primary care providers office. We function like the doctor’s office only we come to you. Visits are available by appointment Monday-Friday for those living in the greater Portland area.  Patient (or family as appropriate) must agree to have our services as PCP (primary care provider).  

There is a doctor or Nurse Practitioner available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We accept most insurance and are on the provider panels of most HMOs.  For those eligible we will bill Medicare or other insurance.  We do not provide hospital service but will coordinate care with hospitalists to ensure continuity of care.   Please call our clinic for more information and to schedule an appointment for a house call.

Level I: We will not bill your insurance company. You will be required to pay for services at the time of the appointment. A deposit of $200 will be required to secure an appointment, the balance will be due at the time of service. We will do our best to estimate the total cost of your visit before your appointment. We bill per hour at the rate of $600 per hour/minimum of 1/2 hour visit, plus a $100 transportation fee. 

Level II: We will bill your insurance and will bill you the allowable difference.  

Level II: House calls application: