Clinic Policies:

Bridge City Family Medical Clinic
Policy: Effective 11/12/2012
From: Teri Bunker, DNP, FNP. CEO
Reporting of laboratory test results and other diagnostic testing

Laboratory testing and diagnostic testing is an important part of health-care. It is very important that all patients receive notification of their results so they can make informed health decisions. All patients must schedule a follow-up appointment to review laboratory tests or other diagnostics in a face to face visit with the medical provider or subscribe to the patient portal. Patients or guardians who desire a copy of the laboratory reports or any other communication with the medical provider outside of a regularly scheduled office visit must subscribe to the patient portal or schedule a face to face visit.

Providers and other medical staff will not discuss or disclose laboratory test results with patients on the telephone, except in the case of a serious medical concern or emergency. It is the responsibility of the patient to schedule a follow up appointment to review ALL laboratory results with a medical provider. If patients wish to avoid having to make an extra appointment to review laboratory results they should elect to subscribe to the patient portal. Providers will comment on tests and give directions regarding follow up to patients subscribed to the portal as they determine is medically appropriate as part of the portal subscription.

Patients who do not subscribe to the portal must discuss the laboratory test results with the medical provider during face to face visits. Patients who desire a copy of their laboratory reports at the time of visit must sign an authorization form and pay a minimum $30 fee at the time of the visit for a copy of the test results. Patients may also request a copy of their results via mail. Requests for mailed copies must be accompanied by a minimum $30 payment and a signed authorization. Pursuant to Oregon law, ORS 192.563 which authorizes a health care provider who has received an authorization to disclose protected health information the following charges will apply: (1)(a) $30 for copying 10 or fewer pages of written material, 50 cents per page for pages 11 through 50 and 25 cents for each additional page. Laboratory or other reports exceeding > 10 pages will be charged additional fees as listed above.

It is the responsibility of the patient or legal guardian to follow up regarding laboratory testing ordered by the medical provider reminder telephone calls or letters will not be sent regarding these tests all communication will be via the patient portal or via the above procedure with the payment of the minimum $30 fee.